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Rules for TFA Scholarship

  1. Request for application and essay topic shall be by a written request to the scholarship chairman of TFA after November 1 and postmarked no later than January 31. Chairman will release the essay topic to the applicant after January 1.
  2. Application and essay must be returned to the TFA scholarship chairman postmarked no later than March 1.
  3. Applicants must be the son or daughter of an active, retired, or deceased member of Texas Fireman's Auxiliary or State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals' Association.
  4. Applicants must be a graduating high school senior or a current college/vocational tech student to apply.
  5. No reference shall be made in the essay to the city, fire department or district the applicant is associated with. Violation will exempt essay from consideration.
  6. Essays shall be no less than 100 words, however, should not exceed one page. The form provided is required and must be used.
  7. Only double-spaced typed essays will be accepted. When using a computer, the font should be Times New Roman or Arial and should not be smaller than 12-point font.
  8. The only identification on the essay shall be the applicant's last 4 digits of their social security number.
  9. Essay will be scored between 1 and 10. One being the least and 10 the most. Great emphasis will be placed on the content, with punctuation and grammar secondary.
  10. TFA scholarship chairman will notify scholarship recipient(s) as soon as a winner is determined, no later than May 15.
  11. TFA treasurer will send scholarship directly to the school of the recipient's choice.
  12. A wallet-sized photograph of the scholarship recipient(s) must be provided for use in the scrapbook.
  13. Recipient(s) will be asked to attend the TFA Business Meeting at the SFFMA Conference & Convention in June to read their essays. A check made payable to the school of his or her choice in the amount of the scholarship and a certificate will be presented to the recipient(s). Attendance is not required, however it is encouraged.

Rules revised June 2010

For more information please contact Sara Gresham.