Dear SFFMA Member,


Greetings from all at the Lighthouse Uniform Company.  Our apology for this unsolicited email / survey and a thank you in advance for taking a look. It comes to you via the good offices of Director Chris Barron and your State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals' Association.


This survey 'Stand, Salute and be Saluted' is an initial effort to explore the idea that symbols, in this case, the Fire Service Dress Cap, have a gravity about them that can be used to attract like minded folks and is an underutilized tool in the continuing struggle to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters. The following link will take you to the 'Stand, Salute and be Saluted Survey


To entice you to take the survey, the Lighthouse is making available to two departments identified by survey participants, six (6) 'Stand, Salute and be Saluted' Honor Guard 'Starter Packages' (see attachment).  


Each package has a potential value of $174.40 and includes your choice of an 

1. FDNY of Naval Officer style dress cap, white, black or navy blue

2. 911 Commemorative Chin Strap, gold, silver or black with red bloodline, 

3. Dress cap device, rank specific, gold, silver, red/gold, red/silver, blue/gold or blue/silver

4. Dress shirt, white, long or short sleeve

5. Dress collar pins to match cap device

6. Dress tie, regular of pre-tied, black or navy blue


If you would like to be part of this or just want to to kept 'in this loop', let me know.  If you know firefighters not affiliated with the SFFMA, please forward this on to them.  Everyone's input is needed.


Thank you for investing your time.  The Fire Service is worth it.


Best regards,


Steve Cohen, Pres. 

Lighthouse Uniform Company

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