SFFMA Announces New Membership & Certification Software

SFFMA is pleased to announce that our membership and certification software will be completely replaced with a new system this spring! This all-new online system will completely replace our existing membership and certification software, as well as our website, with a new web-based software solution. The new system will provide staff and members a much easier, more user-friendly system capable of handling all of our association functions, and much more! The new certification module, which was developed with the interaction of several certification coordinators from around the state, will have a completely new interface.

Since 1992, SFFMA has used a software product which handled all billing, events, sales, website, and in recent years, a certification module. Over the years, we have upgraded the system and our servers numerous times, had a number of custom programming projects, and spent thousands of dollars on license fees and support. Unfortunately, our database has grown tremendously and our demands and reliance on the software have increased more than ever before. Over the last three years, the stability of the product and the rising costs of support and customization have become very expensive for the association. Because of this, we have made the business decision that it is not wise for us to continue to spend the money on support or license fees. We had been looking for a replacement software for several years but found nothing in the marketplace that could accommodate all our needs – until now. We are excited about this new software. The fact that ALL data will move over and that we will have a completely NEW system with unlimited support and upgrades will be a much-welcomed relief to the staff and membership.