SFFMA Online 3.1

NOTICE: The lists posted below will be updated on an ongoing basis as items are completed or new issues identified. Please be sure to check back regularly prior to notifying the Austin Office of new issues as they may have already been notified.

Errors Pending Correction

  • Requirement completions for coordinators throws error
  • Staff Rejections not posting through to departments

Planned Updates

  • Class entry page for multiple objectives/individuals  (Completed 10/03/2016)
  • Data transfer from older program
  • Addition of Fire Officer programs
  • Pre-filled application forms
  • Auto-display department roster for Coordinators  (Completed 10/03/2016)
  • Printable training summary report 
  • Overview access for Certification Board members, Fire Chiefs, and Individuals.
  • Data Import/Export
  • Ability to track contact hours